Time Capsule


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Recorded at their "Traveling Studio", most of their 2016 album "Time Capsule" was recorded in a studio residing within the deep forests of Lithuania. In order to capture the true ambiance of their music, some of it was recorded in the forest itself. Depicted on the album's artwork, "Time Capsule" is a representation of the beauty residing within the Lithuanian wilderness, which according to the band "Kind of happened telepathically, as the Artist who drew the artwork hadn't been there." Living up to its name, Time Capsule represents a point in space and time where everything stops, creating a void in which the listener can truly appreciate care put into creating the album.


released January 31, 2016

Alvydas Maciulskas - composing, beat machines, drums, keyboards, vocals, sax, flute, percussion, programming, producing, mixing.
Aurimas Rimeikis - trumpet, percussion, keyboards, vocals, co-producing.
Daiva Starinskaite - vocals, percussion, lyrics, co-producing.
Marijus Aleksa - drums.
Artwork by Akvile Magicdust - www.akvilemagicdust.com
Management - MONOKEY - istvan@monokey.org



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KEYMONO Vilnius, Lithuania

A shifting, rhythmical patchwork of electronica, brass, and
neo-soul vocals in high energy stereo colour.
KEYMONO (previously known as Brassbastardz) is a Lithuanian
band now based in London. Alvydas (drum machines, synth‘s),
Aurimas (trumpet, synth‘s, vocals), Daiva (vocals) and Marijus
(drums) frame their thoughts into one – the music of KEYMONO.
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Track Name: Light of Day
Did you hear the news this morning
there's fighting going on in the streets
greed seems to rule our planet
and they sell us things we don't really need

We've seen it all it comes back in cycles
It doesn't seem to change over time
will someone please end this self destruction
wise men say only love is the key


Somebody give your love away, don't hesitate
let the light of day, lead you the right way

Who can tell the wright thing from wrong
If what was taught in school is the truth
Is there someone who hears our prayers
a mother and a father too

We might come from different countries
We don't all sound the same when we speak
we all contrast in shapes and colours
but the life we're each given is unique


Give your love away, give your love away
Someone won't you please give your love away..

Track Name: Go!
i woke up today,
feeling so afraid
walls are closing in on me
got nowhere to hide
boiling in my mind
ghosts of yesterday won't leave
they're singing "let's fly away let's fly away"
hush now child and don't you cry, we can set you free
lets sail away, why not today
future is a memory
123 now back to reality

Go-open my eyes and just go
Stand on my feet and go
cut the wire off let the head noise stop
forget about the clock and just go

Run down the street, just go
Cracking concrete I go
Breaking the walls
while everything falls i go… Hey hey hey!

I ain't got a map
Got no guiding light
Navigate through the dark of night
In this beat of sound
there's no solid ground
i can't feel no gravity
Come fly away, let's fly away
Hush now child and don't you cry
we can be so free
let's sail away lets sail away
future is for us, you'll see
123 lets leave this reality

Track Name: Hourglass
Across  the desert
where dry winds blow 
I walk this dead sand
I walk alone
I feel the cold breath
in my spine
I can sense the sharpness
of old death's scythe
I hear it whistling
it's favourite tune
but there's no place in my young heart
for fear and worry, shame and doubt
my eyes wide opened
time's on my side


Been around the world living high and low
Everyday striving for an old herring bone
But I won't be selling my soul for silver and gold
I'll be hustling 'till I'm in a throne 

I am translucent
I'm hourglass
I am the future, I am the past
I feel the time run
in my veins
underneath my skin
I feel no pain
I am no one
I'm growing grass
I reach my stems towards the sun
You can't stop me I am the gun
You pull the trigger and I can run

Track Name: Run Boy
I remember all those days
now i wish I could erase
memories I shared with you
oh they make me feel so blue

I remember games we played
you used to take my stress away
everything we used to do
was good, don’t you think the same too?

you told me I was beautiful
said this love was magical
how was I supposed to know
told me you will never let me go

don't pretend that you don't see
you left me here alone to bleed
now you're smiling to my face
for you its simple everything's ok!

why you're trippin' when it all falls down
you wanna run boy wanna run fast
Take a look at me, how can't you see
Baby What you tryna, what you tryna do to me

why you're trippin when it all falls down
you wanna run boy wanna run fast
what you gonna do when you get trapped
leaving your ship, yeah you're just another rat

You said you had doubts in your mind
said that you just need some time
Was it really difficult
or Was it all just my fault

You see it just in black and white
And you will never ever try
To make something more of that
you just turn around and show your back

So many tears I I have cryed
Standing outside your door how could I
Be just another fool
To think that I can change your rules

I wish you could walk in my shoes
And see how much I would have done for you
But now I need fresh air I gotta breathe
I just wanna set you free
Track Name: Morning
Verse 1:

endless life like the sea
who knows where we go
in the sky drops of light
drifting sands of time
i see reflections of the past ( i can see it clearly)
secrets the're never meant to last (they will be forgotten)
many moons came and went many doors were opened
cant return days, that burned in the flames of the summer sun
chasing the shadows of the clouds ( i can see it clearly)
always keeping your head down (i can see it clearly)
u forgot blue skies above (u forgot blue skies above)
u have been walking in the fog

Verse 2:

desperate heart take a breath
let the rain wash ur fears away
in the bloom of the night
hear my lululaby
out of my mind towards your soul (i will find the way)
where is the path which way to go

quietly patiently i will be waiting for the day
u wont be so afraid just to dream your time away
u have been searching for too long (for away to go)
u have been walking in the fog (you are not alone)
something's gained and somethings lost (many paths are crossed)
all the ingredients were tossed


dont be surprised with what u'll find go ahead break a cycle
open ur mind, take a lead,go full speed ouoo
go steal the stars, restless heart u will go far ooooo
open ur eyes, fly or die
now its the time ouoo
released April 27, 2015
Alvydas Maciulskas - composing, beat machines, drums, keyboards, vocals, sax, flute, percussion, programming, producing, mixing.
Aurimas Rimeikis - trumpet, percussion, keyboards, vocals, co-producing.
Daiva Starinskaite - vocals, percussion, lyrics, co-producing.
Marijus Aleksa - drums.
Track Name: Dangerous Type
You’ve done it once
Done it twice
You told them lies
Were faking smiles
Child of god
You said you are
How wrong you were
You’ve lost your star
You said you lived
You’ve had it all
You held the world
In your palm
You’ve been the one
Always on top
But do you see
Where you really are
You swam alone
Among the sharks
You walked the streets
After the the dark
You’re dangerous type
Living a careless life
Did you have a good time
Cos you can't rewind
So typically you're making all the calls
Helplessly you will face the wall
And There will come a day when you gonna fall
Cos theres someone who’s watching it all
Big man serious man
Shoe shine
Always in your plan
Expensive look there in your eyes
You're not for sale
Just for a high price
You clever fool
You act so cool 
You poor man
With pockets full
You can’t afford to be kind
Can’t waste your time
Can’t spare a dime
it’s written clear
on your face
this life’s a gamble
its just a race
You’re dangerous type
Living a careless life
Did you have a good time
Cos you can't rewind
Track Name: Soul I'm Wrapped In
Been here forever ,I’ve seen many things
I’ve loved and I’ve hated, commited terrible sins
I walked on this earth under many different guises
I worn many colours of skin shades of eyes
But the one thing that’s constant is the soul I’m wrapped in
Valuable treasures I’m carrying within 
They tore the flesh of my bones
Lived in many a happy home
Been still born and ancient
I’ve been cold and alone
I’ve saved lives I took lives 
for fools and for kings
I rebelled and resisted
I wrote the rules
Been rich and important
I’ve begged as a child
I travelled the globe
and I couldn't walk a mile

Been mother been daughter
Been father been son
I cared for the meek
And I’ve carried a gun
At night I remember all of my past lives
seas where I bathed my sunburned eyes
But the one thing that's constant is the soul I’m wrapped in
valuable treasures i’m carrying within 

I’ve been here forever, seen so many things
I've heard all the stories, I wore many rings
I've been here for ever in this labyrinth
I've loved and i've hated committed terrible sins
I've been here forever millions of years
but I ain’t got too much, just these empty hands
I've gained so much knowledge and wisdom and light
I've learned without love, all of that is just a lie
now I know that silence is golden,
but even monks are not saint
I know all that we have is this very day
But the one thing that’s constant
Is the soul I’m wrapped in
most valuable treasures I’m carrying within
I’ve been here forever, seen so many things
I’ve loved and I’ve hated commited terrible sins
I’ve been here forever, seen so many things 
been here forever in this labyrinth
Track Name: High
Unfold the purple sheets
Wrap me inside your dreams
Take me and please never let me go
Lead me into the night 
Where we can leave behind
All the troubles gained through out the day

Sit by my side let's watch the fire die
I'll sing you the sweetest lullaby
Secrets that we keep burried inside so deep
We'll weave into the nets of galaxies


High high, 
You make me feel so high..high..
High you make me feel so high.. high

Your sensuality, makes my knees weak
when we touch I can feel the summer's heat
Tiny drops of honey when we kiss, it is bliss
the sweetest taste I have ever known

You embody all my needs ain't afraid to please me
tease me ‘till I lose control
whisper into my ear, melt my heart let me hear
one thing that makes this world turn